Envision Financial Kidz Zone

‘Skully’ the bad cowboy has been causing trouble and only the best trained cowboys and cowgirls can beat him. With their sheet they will work through the various training challenges getting them ticked off when complete and then they can enter them to win prizes each day with one ultimate prize being awarded at the end.


The Operation Family Identification (OFI) program is designed to give parents a permanent record of their child’s photo, fingerprints, weight and height, in a convenient, readily accessible package that can be used in the event of an emergency. Operation Family Identification is a community project sponsored by London Drugs with the participation of community volunteers and law enforcement officials, and is at no charge to parents. London Drugs began Operation Family Identification in 1984 and has been a program used in communities across Western Canada ever since. For providing this service, London Drugs has received an award from the Solicitor General of Canada as well as one from the Solicitor General of Alberta.

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